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Francesca Alviani is an italian photographer based in Bergen (Norway).  She is specialized in photography for real estate, interior design, commercial spaces, and the hospitality industry, as well as landscape photography.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, who am I to resist the first step?


Architectural and Interiors Photographer based in Bergen (Norway).

Italian by birth & temperament.

Conscious yogini & 200 RYT.





The Bergen calendar project is born in 2013 when photographer Francesca Alviani realized that Bergen didn't had a quality calendar showing the real beauty of the city of Bergen. Francesca wanted to share her photos taken during the last years and create a quality product with a good layout and printing. She contacted the talented designer Sarah Futterlieb located in Berlin and together they started to create the first edition of the calendar. The calendar was published for the first time in 2014. From the first edition many changes have been done and today we are happy to annonce the 4th edition of the calendar for 2017!


Good Photos Sell Things

Great Photos Tell a Story


Discover more about the 4rd edition of the Bergen Calendar.


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Her passion and interest for the art of photography have roots in Francesca’s childhood, when she used to discover her personal attitude by watching the world through a camera.