This blog post is about a personal happening in my life: my wedding day!

It was such an exciting and important day of my life that I would like to share some impressions and memories with you!

I think that organizing your wedding day (especially from abroad) is a very useful project to test your team working skills as couple. You will need to work together and use your strength in order to get things done. It's vital to keep a bit of irony and mutual understanding in order to don't freak out some days before the wedding. We managed it very well. It was everything organized on time by phone and e-mail from Norway. We really enjoyed the all organization process, but it's important to mention that we had many people working with us in order to make our day unique and bright. So before to start, a big THANK YOU to our family & friends and all the bunch of lovely people who worked for our wedding day:


Think that this is a day only for you and for sharing all your love and laughter with who you love most! Enjoy and remember that all the little details are so unimportant! Have fun!




Our wedding was hosted in Fontefico, a beautiful vineyard in Vasto (Abruzzo). We felt in love with the place one year earlier when we been looking for different locations along the cost in Abruzzo. We really liked the fact that Fontefico is a special place where people produce high quality wine with such a strong passion and involvement. Fontefico was just a perfect place for our wedding day! Not formal, but at the same time not anonymous. A place with a soul and a story and with a beautiful view towards the sea side. Nicola Altieri (the owner of the vineyard) was very helpful and got solved all kind of issues related to our party. So thankful to have met him!

Even if we live more than 2000 km from the wedding location, we consciously decided to don't hire a wedding planner or something like that. The best part was actually getting things done by ourselves. We worked on the wedding decorations the day before the wedding and the same day of the wedding Simon & I spend few hours fixing things and organizing the space with the help of the all Fontefico/Grotta dei Raselli stuff. Two hours before the starting of the wedding we went to blow up giants balloons and it was very funny to transport the balloons with our friends from the shop to the venue. I'll keep this "funny" memories with me forever.

For the flower decorations we choosed to have wildflowers and I was enraptured from the amazing flowers bouquets that Stefano, the owner of Faieta Fiori in Pescara, made for us!


Unconventional & Comfy? Yeah! We decided to get ready together in the same location. The glamping in Fontefico was our common "getting ready place". We shared this moment with our friends and our guests passing by and saying 'hello'. So niceeee!!!

I bought my wedding dress in Berlin (after long looking), Simon's homeland. Very simple, light and bright dress from Rembo Styling (model Doris) a belgian company. I soon loved their style and light textile, perfect for a very warm italian sunny day. Simon instead bought his suit in Italy, Francesca's homeland in a shop called Montaliani in Pescara. It was perfectly matching with the venue place and with Simon's personality.

My make-up artist was Mariangela, a friend from my hometown in Italy. We went in the school together and it was so funny to get the make-up done from her for my special day. Together with her there was another friend of mine Filomena helping with small details. The hairstylist was Charlotte a close norwegian friend from Bergen (Norway) the city where I live now. The result was precious quality time with my beautiful friends and a lot of laughter!


Finally ready we moved from the glamping to our 90 guests waiting for us! WOW!!! This was one of the many touching moments we had during the day. Our families for the first time together, our friends from different countries all gathered in the same place. Everybody was smiling and was hugging us. We shared smiles, hugs, happiness and so our wedding day was starting. I felt my hearth so full of love when seeing all of them. So many good vibes!


Irina, our Russian friend living in Bergen, proposed us to have in our wedding a russian tradition where the groom needs to go through different competitions in order to conquer the key to family happiness and unlock the bride from a secret room.

In order to win the bride, the bridegroom has to go through a set of competitions showing that he is the best candidate for the bride. If he succeeds in a competition, he can continue to the next stage. If not, he has to pay… The final aim is to find a key to family happiness and open the lock on the door to free the bride.

Simon had to pass seven different tests:

  1. Compatibility test
  2. Farewell to freedom
  3. Test of problem-solving skills
  4. Test of knowledge of the bride
  5. Another knowledge test
  6. Breadwinner test
  7. Bridegroom’s most special gift

I couldn't see directly this part since I was "locked" in one room. This was something new in our wedding since we don't have this tradition in Italy. Thank You Irina for sharing with us something from your culture!

PART V: wedding cerimony

We had a civil cerimony the 22nd of July 2015 in the municipality of Castel di Sangro (my hometown). During the day we spend in Fontefico we decided to have a symbolic cerimony that was celebrated from our norwegian friend Robert. He is part of the 'human etisk forbund' in Norway. The Norwegian Humanist Association is an organization for people who base their ethics on human, not religious values. Most members are agnostics or atheists. We share the values of the association also if we are not part of it, so Robert was organizing a beautiful cerimony for us. He prepared a text full of touching parts and we exchanged each other promises in italian and german. The cerimony was in english and we provided translations in german and italian for everyone who needed.

After we had a sand cerimony:

To symbolize the importance of each of you and the joining of your two lives into one, 3 colors of sand will now be combined in a sand ceremony. We begin with a layer of white sand, which symbolizes the foundation of the relationship. Then Francesca and Simon will each separately pour their sand into the vase, symbolizing who they are as individuals. Then, they will pour together, blending their two colors as a symbol of their joining together in the name of love.  Lastly, I will add another layer of white sand, this layer is representing you; their community, supporting them in their marriage and holding them in love.

Though the vase may be moved around, and the colors may shift and blend in new ways, the grains of sand cannot be separated. They will remain joined in a harmonious whole.

May your love be as eternal and as inseparable as this sand.

PART VI: relax & fred buscaglione show

What I really like of our wedding is that was very informal (at least for italian standards). We wanted that our guests could feel cushy, especially cause it was a very warm sunny day (about 35° degree). During the afternoon we had some relax time and everyone had the possibility to cozy up (with or without shoes!). Everybody could express the own personality and enjoy the music and entertainment. We had some real surf rock played live from Bad Riders the band that we choosed and later in the afternoon a dear friend of mine Luca Paglia presented his own theater piece on Fred Buscaglione, he was an Italian singer and actor who became very popular in the late 1950s.

PART VII: photos & more..

As wedding ritual we can't forget photos & more photos & the throwing of the bouquet moment that was really funny! We moved in the cornfield just before the sunset to take the group photos. The light was so sweet and all together in the same place with a big smile to keep as forever memory.

PART VIII: dinner, cake & dancing

At dinner time we had an high humidity level in the air making this moment as one of the warmest of the day. The food, served from La Grotta dei Raselli, was simply delicious. We been drinking the Fontefico's wine and enjoying a lot of funny moments. Afterwards was dancing time with surf rock music played from Bad Riders.

Such an amazing day!!!

All photos are taken by Zonzo Web & Photography