All packages underneath can be modified in base of your needs. Please fill the form under each type of shooting with the specifications of your booking.

To each booking will be added the cost of transportation from/to my office (Dreggsallmenningen 20) based on distance.

This are some basic packages:



PACKAGE 1: NOK 3750,- (inkl. MVA 750,- kr) / 1.5 hour session / 19 photos

PACKAGE 2: NOK 4500,- (inkl. MVA 900,- kr) / 2 hour session / 26 photos

PACKAGE 3: NOK 5625,- (inkl. MVA 1125,- kr) / 2,5 hour session / 40 photos

This prices are without the use of a real estate agency. Prices can vary from the different agencies. In case you use a real estate agent to sell your property you need to book me via IMotiv AS. If you don't have a real estate agent you can book me directly.


NOK 3750,- (inkl. MVA 750,- kr) / 1.5 hour session / ca. 30 photos

I photograph mostly outdoors. Price includes a meeting before the shoot in order to plan the time together.


NOK 4375,- (inkl. MVA 875,- kr) / 2 hour session

It's at your home with your things. A safe and quite environment for your baby. Or during any other event related to your child.


NOK 2500,- (inkl. MVA 500,-kr) / 1 hour session


PACKAGE 1: NOK 8750,- (inkl. MVA 1750,- kr) / 3 hour session / ca. 100 photos

PACKAGE 2: NOK 18750,- (inkl. MVA 3750,- kr) / 6 hour session / ca. 200 photos

PACKAGE 3: NOK 28.7500,- (inkl. MVA 5750,- kr)  / 12 hour session / ca. 500 photos

DESTINATION WEDDING? I love to travel!!! Please contact me for a detailed pricelist.

All packages include:

  • Meeting before the wedding day in order to discuss all the details about the photo shooting;

  • All the best pictures in high resolution;

  • Post-processing of the best photos;

  • Backup of all original files.

The full day session also includes a free engagement session valued at NOK 3500,- including 10 images in high res.